Web Application

Web Application

Creation of web based business application

The implementation of a web application for the different trades and tools of the company has become a must. We then hear about solutions in SaaS mode or Cloud solutions.

Solutions to host your web application

SaaS solutions bring agility to employees by centralizing information and enabling simplified management of access to web tools and applications. An internet connection, nomadic access, an intranet will allow access.

Cloud solutions provide flexibility in managing the technical resources needed to run your web application. Depending on your needs, it is possible to increase the storage or calculation capacity of your platform.

Adopting such solutions allows employees, customers to access their data or tools through a simple internet connection. They also have the advantage of being usable both in an open environment on the internet and for an intranet.

Our tools

Neotiq works on the development of your web application from different technologies, languages and frameworks. They represent today the basis of a web application.

• Technologies : Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Online, Oracle, OVH
• Langages : PHP, Javascript, Java, Python, Ruby
• Frameworks : Laravel, Symfony, AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, Django

Each business has its constraints, its needs and the variety of solutions and architectures available, we advise you to build the best your web application.

We work in package mode or in dedicated team with Scrum, Devops methods in compliance with ITIL rules.