Business Application

You have specific needs for your business and you must set up specific tools that best meet your expectations. With our Project Managers and our experts in software development and cloud solutions, we help you develop and implement your applications. We master the end-to-end creation process: architecture, development, testing, hosting, support.

Whatever your need, one-off support, technical expertise or simply outsourcing the development to us, we have skills in different languages and frameworks on the market.


Spring, Hibernate


Technologies Microsoft .net, C#, Sharepoint


Symfony, Laravel


node, Angular, React, Vue


App, Script ou dév web en Python

Amazon AWS

Services et produits cloud d’Amazon

Google Cloud

Services et produits de Google

Microsoft Azure

Produits et solutions de Microsoft


Intégration de tout type d’API


Partenaire Community OVH

An Application For Each Service:

All the services of your company (HR, finance, IT) need apps to ease the collaboration between your employees, speed up interactions and stimulate productivity. Discover how to easily develop business applications tailored to your services or create customized applications answering to your company’s needs

Application Development Trends:

Web technologies have evolved throughout the years. Browsing can happen on various browsers (Safari, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi) on various platform MacOS/Windows/Linux, Mobile/Desktop/Tablet thanks to responsive design. the use of rich software client (On PC or MAC), a mobile app or a light sofware client (web) is crucial. We bring you a clear solution for your business applications based on your needs, your uses and your budget.

An adapted hosting with a cloud solution dedicated or hybrid bring the need; choosing an offer more than a demand to understand how the development will involve in the future. Take the right decision but also develop according to the needs is there for important. Present us your needs and we will bring you our knowledge on Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and on the different solutions available on API

Our approach:

Our services allow companies of any size to plan a  full digital transformation based on business application hosted in the cloud or hosted on premise on your servers. Our capacity of business analysis coupled with our knowledge of modern low-code (or “no-code development”) allow us to reduce the delivery delay of a personalize work application to 5 at 10 times. Our key values for efficient delivery: quality, commitment, security, knowledge share.

Analyse (Dedicated team or Fixed price) :

  • Cloud, PaaS (Platform as a Service) discovery workshops.
  • Strategic workshops, developing the vision and strategy
  • Business workshops
  • Process management
  • Impact analysis

Implementation (On-site or Fixed price):

  • Installation of software elements.
  • Initial configuration and realization of functional prototypes (MVP or Minimum Viable Product) for pre-studies or as an original stage of development
  • Software customization and custom component development
  • Design and technical documentation

Adoption (Fixed price):

  • User training
  • System administration, third-party maintenance
  • Functional watch
  • Monitoring and tracking of user adoption