Supervision intervenes both preventively and curatively. Its ultimate objective is to guarantee the proper functioning and permanent availability of applications for users and businesses.

To achieve this, it is essential to constantly monitor the network elements (routers, switches, terminals and controllers, firewall, etc.) and its hosts (servers, services, applications) to be able to quickly manage the events that affect them as soon as they appear in order to prevent or repair breakdowns and malfunctions as quickly as possible.

It is therefore essential to have an efficient global system, but above all that competent personnel are ready to react instantly and are on the job: an automatic notification sent by a system to a technician on duty or unreachable on call, without Guaranteed processing time and even less to return to service, is no longer sufficient when two 2 hours of unavailability of an application can have a heavy impact on production and give a poor image of the company …

Our Supervision offer includes

  • Monitoring of network infrastructure components, servers, services and associated applications
  • Event Management: we remove doubts and immediately raise threshold crossing alarms relating to (non-exhaustive list:) the use of disk space, memory, use of bandwidth, response times, server “reachability”, CPU load, use of network interfaces, login errors and intrusion or denial of service attempts, port scanning, checking that DHCP or DNS is working, checking that a machine is on time, checking how long it has been in operation, etc.
  • Change and update management: essential in particular for ensuring security, system and data backups, and user experience
    Performance Monitoring: keeping Dashboards with key indicators (“KPI”), which really reflect the user experience by correlating the performance of the IS to the use of resources; monitoring these dashboards over time and analyzed in order to maintain and improve performance by anticipating capacity needs

Our teams have a wide range of skills (network, servers, applications) which allow us to provide a quality service adapted to our customers (and guarantee them a “peaceful sleep”!).

Tailored …

We adapt the content of our services to the specific needs and constraints of your company, whether in terms of technical environment (supervision tool, databases, nature of the applications to be monitored, OS, CMS, etc.), procedures to apply, working language (French / English or Vietnamese), service level (SLA).

Or packaged

If you have subscribed to our development and hosting offer for your servers and applications, we integrate supervision into our service according to the schedules you want, up to 24/7 permanent coverage of these with a guaranteed response time. or repair and carrying out all the operating work necessary to maintain operational conditions.

We offer pricing by virtual machine, therefore progressive (“pay as you grow”), which is directly integrated into your monthly service charge.

Our Tools and Methods

These operational means and know-how are essential to provide the quality of service you expect from a reliable partner.

  • Traceability and reporting: they are ensured by the use of a database (“ticketing”) dedicated to incident management and service requests, an essential tool for traceability and measurement of events, as well as for priority management and activity monitoring; we provide our solution and you use it or we can if you want to use your own tools.
  • The knowledge base: it is a fundamental tool for capitalizing on knowledge and improving quality (archiving of standard solutions, assistance in correlating events and identifying the root of incidents) efficiency and productivity (time saving)
  • A monitoring platform: we can set up a solution if you don’t have one or rely on our own tools; our skills allow us to use operating market solutions (Nagios / Centreon, Zabbix, What’sup, Grafana, etc.)
    • Processes: we develop with you processing flowcharts and decision trees which structure the way of handling an incident or a user request without, however, preventing the initiative of our technicians; managerial and technical escalations to all third parties who are stakeholders are clearly established and documented; we automate what can and should be (scripts, workflows.)
    • An efficient organization: at any time 1 shift manager controls operations and can be reached in the event of an emergency or exceptional circumstances. A referring expert is assigned to each client.

Our Project Methodology to take into account and support our clients is summarized below, by way of example (“duration” to be defined according to each client)