Helpdesk – One-stop service

Provide a one-stop service that allows you to receive “on the fly” all requests from customers & users, whether to report an incident or receive assistance in using a resource or tool, or to request the creation of a resource or a configuration change, is an essential tool for mastering the information system, for user satisfaction and for measuring the effectiveness of the information system.

Whether for your own needs or for your customers or your partners (B2B2C or B2B2B) we provide you with a tailor-made device which can combine the following parameters as desired:

  • We provide our incident and request management database solution to which we give you access, or if you wish we use your own system. We create and maintain a “wiki” which is dedicated to you and is continuously updated according to the cases encountered so as to capitalize on the experience and properly integrate your particularities.

  • You choose tailored hourly coverage up to 24/7 in French and English.

  • For the reception of calls and requests, we provide you with various communication channels: Email – telephone – chat – web-conferences.

  • We develop with you processing flowcharts and decision trees which structure the way of handling an incident or a user request without, however, preventing the initiative of our technicians; managerial and technical escalations to all third parties who are stakeholders are clearly established and documented.

  • We provide the skills that correspond to the level of expertise defined in the contract,
    - level 1 expertise = Simplest investigation without remote maintenance of equipment
    - level 2 expertise = Investigation requiring remote handling of equipment / applications

  • If you wish, we manage your subcontractors and suppliers on your behalf until the completion of their work
    - we open incident tickets with other service providers (operator, integrators, etc.)
    - we follow and relaunch the tickets assigned to them until their closure

  • You choose the pricing that suits you best:
    - by actions (by incident ticket or service request whose average cost will have been decided with you)
    - fixed price (according to predefined specifications and volume)
    - dedicated staff (if you opt for a system totally and solely dedicated to your needs).
    - Minimum monthly billing