Data Analytics

To get a data project off from the start, Neotiq first supports you through a phase of understanding your business and your needs. We start by mapping your processes and listing your company’s tools. Understanding where you are and where you want to go, will allow us to determine the solutions adapted to your problems.

Once the data is centralized and protected, we can finally start the analysis phase. Neotiq uses various techniques like statistical analysis, cluster analysis and trend forecasting, among others. It is from this moment that your collected data will be able to generate value by helping to: increase sales performance, better allocate budgets, optimize costs, increase internal efficiency to bring you up to the operational effectiveness.

To start a data analysis project, it is absolutely necessary. The 1st phase therefore consists in collecting data from your systems. On top of that we can also use Crunching and Scrapping techniques to collect information from other sources. Following this, Neotiq also supports you structuring and standardizing your data and ensures the quality of the data that will be stored.

For many collaborators, spreadsheets filled with data are often difficult to understand clearly. This is why Neotiq also creates visualizations, either tailor-made or using recognized software such as PowerBi or Qlik. For you, we will create dashboards to present your KPIs in a more visual way and in addition we can also automate the generation of reports that will be used by the whole company.

A very important, even critical, phase of analysis is the storage of your information. At this level Neotiq is able to bring you various solutions according to your needs, to host on your servers, ours or on the public Cloud. What is very important to us in this data warehousing is also the security of the data. At Neotiq we know full well that business data is vital and little security or awareness can create very serious consequences, so we take care with you.

Data mining allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your data. If the analysis is concerned about the past and the present, then the exploration will help predict what may happen and how you should act on it. We carry out this work using data modeling, identifying hidden models, identifying unexpected correlations, using simulation modeling … This is the most advanced and complex phase of Data in which Neotiq helps you to take the lead.