Service Center

Supervision intervenes both preventively and curatively. Its ultimate objective is to guarantee the proper functioning and permanent availability of applications for users and businesses.

Our Concierge Service is aimed at companies wishing to encourage and fully benefit from videoconferencing solutions and their beneficial effects on collaborative work, the environment and cost reduction.

Provide a one-stop shop that allows you to receive “on the fly” all requests from customers & users, whether to report an incident or receive assistance in using a resource or tool, or to request the creation of a resource or a configuration change, is an essential tool for mastering the information system, for user satisfaction and for measuring the effectiveness of the information system.

We can organize the planning of interventions with customers or end users, ensure their follow-up and provide technical support to your technicians or to third parties who intervene on your behalf during installation or during various works (connection for example).

The operation consists in permanently carrying out a series of operations which guarantee the performance and continuity of the service, in particular via the backup of configurations and data.