Concierge Service

Our Concierge Service is aimed at companies wishing to encourage and benefit fully from videoconferencing solutions and their beneficial effects on collaborative work, the environment and cost reduction.

The Concierge Service therefore aims to facilitate the organization and use of videoconferencing systems and to ensure their permanent availability, as well as to avoid the significant loss of time that results from unprepared or unprepared meetings, which are discouraging for users.

Our service consists of:

  • BEFORE: Organize & Prepare
    • Plan, reserve resources,
    • Confirm registrations and send reminders to users
    • Validate the availability and the software versions of the different sites
    • Establish & test connections before use
  • DURING: Assist users at any time during the conference
    • Monitor videoconferences and intervene in real time if an incident occurs
    • Answer their questions and requests
    • Invite & Make ad hoc live connections

A Service Manager is your dedicated contact, he can be reached at any time during operating hours and gives you a monthly dashboard with quantitative indicators concerning quantitative aspects (# , durations,% of use, user entities) and qualitative (% meetings without problems, # of incidents, durations, causes and resolution, etc.)

  • Pricing
    • Fixed price according to time slots, necessary skills (complexity & languages), number and average duration of videoconferences
    • In the act if a minimum activity / volume allows it