Prototyping Laboratory

The implementation or testing of an innovative idea requires significant resources and a test laboratory. Neotiq provides simple validation solutions for your ideas by integrating open-source or market products and solutions. We build for you your turnkey solution to go from paper to a usable achievement.


Minimum Viable Product


Internet of Things

Block Chain

Database, traceability

Machine Learning

Automation and learning

Innovative technologies very often start from a very simple idea. The latter is put on paper, then it is studied and validated by a business plan. However, it is necessary to set up a first draft, a validation platform, an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in order to test the product in real life and therefore the idea.

Neotiq brings its consultancy, development and integration skills to enable the best technological choices to be made between market solutions. We work with both open-source and proprietary solutions to start from existing bricks. We can also start from scratch and fully develop the solution. This choice is always validated with the client in order to meet their requirements for intellectual property, security and independence.

New uses also require access to technologies such as “Blockchain”, cryptocurrencies, IOT (The Internet of Things) or “Machine Learning”. Neotiq works jointly with the client to determine the appropriate solutions for these technologies. Many possibilities are available to the customer in terms of technological choice, our experience is therefore essential in order to best test their solution.