Operations and Change Management Service

The operation consists in permanently carrying out a series of operations which guarantee the performance and continuity of the service, in particular via the backup of configurations and data. It also makes it possible to collect data and metrics which will be processed to prepare the necessary changes and there again anticipate the needs for growth or modification of the configurations and resources of the information system (“capacity planning”);

  • We manage your service infrastructures remotely, you choose à la carte the services and service level agreements (“SLA”) that suit you.

  • Change Management includes changes to the settings of services and applications as well as the development and development of new services, the addition of new functions, new applications and new equipment.

    • We inventory and update all the hardware and software components, with the information which concerns them (maintenance contract, warranty dates, software version, serial number / part number, updated VNC, etc.)
    • We manage movements, additions and changes
    • With Generic skills
    • Specific: after training by yourself in your own applications
    • With dedicated resources – In the case of a recurring and significant workload
    • Or occasionally with shared resources (in the deployment phase of services for example)
  • Pricing

    • Depending on the time slots, the skills required (complexity factor), the number and duration of interventions